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Road Freight

Currently serving traffic in Europe, CIS, Turkey and MECA, we continuously widen the geographic borders of our road freight operations to provide you with optimal routes, safe and cost-efficient road transport solutions worldwide.

  • Regional know-how

    Road freight is an economical and flexible option to deliver your cargo to/from Europe, CIS and MECA. Whereas we organize road freight from/to numerous global locations, our main traffic goes from Europe and Turkey to CIS and from Central Asia to Turkey, Russia and some European destinations. Rich experience and solid presence in the region makes Meno Logistics one of the recognisable road freight specialists in the market. Through cooperation with reliable trucking companies, we continuously expand the area of our operations and optimize shipping routes to ensure shortest transit time at a reasonable cost. Giving you a full package of road freight options, we also look after your trade documents and customs clearance.

  • LTL and groupage services

    If you are dealing with small orders and partial loads, Meno Logistics offers you LTL and Groupage products from Europe to CIS and MECA. This type of delivery service represents great benefits to you in terms of price and transit time. We boast of excellent planning and coordination practices to keep your cargo on the move without need to wait for a truck to be fully loaded. Our partner warehouses in Lithuania, Poland and Czech Republic offer efficient LTL and Groupage cargo consolidation infrastructure. Hassle-free document administration as well as timely tracking reports are in place thanks to established in-house processes and qualified staff. At Meno Logistics, we take continuous effort to fulfil your expectations.

  • Intermodal and multimodal solutions

    Based on customer’s specific requirements we combine the transport modes. For instance, we use rail wagons to transport the goods to the sea port, where they are then loaded onto a vessel for subsequent sea shipment. Different transport modes can work together to create new choices and solutions. Cotton, sulphur, polypropylene, iodine, electronics, urea, textile, food stuff, pharmaceuticals, machinery – are few examples of goods we pre-carried by truck and then shipped to the destination by way of sea. In between, transit formalities and terminal handling were arranged along with numerous additional services. We have multimodal competence to combine advantages of each transport mode for your benefit – we mix, you earn.

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Operating in multiple locations, Meno Logistics long been able to combine the best of both worlds. We have global reach and ambitions but act as a local reliable partner.

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Road Freight Solutions

We take the most of our wide network of expert road operators offering local, regional and international solutions. Here are some examples of services available to you. All services are flexible and adaptable to your specific requirements and circumstances.

  • Part and full loads (LTL and FTL)

    For loads not sufficient to fill a van or truck we recommend using our LTL / Part load transportation options. These shipments are consolidated in one truck and directly transported to the destination. It can serve both standard and complex shipments such us temperature controlled or highly secured transports.

    For full truck loads we offer domestic and international door-to-door delivery. Our services provide fastest transit times for any type of the goods of any size.

  • Groupage shipments

    In our groupage service, we group small-volume shipments collected from various shippers and then consolidate them into one bigger truck for further transportation. This is considered as one of the most economical ways of transporting the goods as costs are effectively shared with the other shippers.

  • Oversize and out-of-gauge shipments

    Meno Logistics has all the capabilities and industry knowledge to transport Out of Gauge (OOG) loads in a most economical and successful way. OOG loads are the loads with oversized dimensions which usually exceed the dimensions of a container. Our experienced team will take care of complex documentation and permits obtaining, customs clearance, route surveys and transit management.

  • Door-to-door

    Meno Logistics’ direct door-to-door delivery will ensure a seamless and speedy delivery of your cargo by fast positioning of the transport vehicle at the loading place and avoiding distribution centres or warehouses.

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